Convert From Ministry Assistant to MyTime

Step 1: Open Ministry Assistant and tap on Backup

Step 2: Tap on Email Address, and then tap on "Create Backup"

Step 3: Email yourself the backup file and download the attached backup file to your computer

Step 4: On your computer open up your web browser (I have tested Google's Chrome browser)

Step 5: Use the form below to select your backup file

Step 6: You will automatically receive a download of the converted data, email this file to your iPhone

Step 7: Open up the "Mail" Applicaiton on the iPhone to the email you just sent yourself in step 6.

Step 8: Tap on the attached MyTime.mytimedata file, you might see one of the next few pictures. If you see the below picture, tap the screen to pull up the menubar

Step 9: Tap on the sharing button

Step 10: Tap on "Copy to MyTime"

Step 11: and then follow the on screen prompts, press on "Restore from Backup"

Step 12: Press the OK button

Step 13: Open MyTime and verify your data has been transferred, if it has not then...

If you had problems with the above steps, please email your Ministry Assistant backup file and I can see what the problem is.