Ways to Restore MyTime Data


This page should help you with instructions on how to restore from a backup if you lose your device, someone (like a child) deletes mytime from your device, or somehow the application/data is lost.


There are three ways of restoring backups if you have them

MyTime?™ email backup Do you have a recent mytime email backup? (it is the thing that MyTime?™ bugs you about every 2 days unless you disabled it). You can pull up that email on your phone and tap on the attached file and restore your data. To do this you would have to re-install the MyTime?™ app on your phone from the AppStore?.

iTunes Backups Do you sync your device with iTunes regularly? if so then perhaps you have a backup in iTunes. Go to the Preferences menu entry for iTunes and select the “Devices” tab and see in the list if you have a backup for your device before you lost your data. If you do then:

  1. Sync your device with iTunes
  2. right click your device within iTunes and select “restore from backup”
  3. wait till it asks you for which backup you want to restore and select the correct one
  4. wait a long time as it is restoring


iCloud Backups Do you have your iPhone backed up on iCloud? (you can go to Settings->iCloud->Storage&Backup-> and at the bottom see when the last backup you had of your phone was. Please ensure that you have the MyTime?™ turned on by tapping from here on “Manage Storage” and then tap on your iPhone at the top of the list and scroll down to make sure that the switch beside MyTime?™ is on.

If the last backup was before you lost MyTime?™ you can do this:

  1. Make sure that you have a quick internet connection and lots of time to work on this. You will also need your wireless password to input onto your device in a couple steps.
  2. Please ensure that you have backed up your phone (plug into iTunes and then in iTunes right click your phone and select “Backup”) because what the next instructions is going to describe will delete all of your data off of your iPhone… and eventually restore it.
  3. Go to Settings app->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings->and confirm the several times it asks you if you are sure
  4. when it is done, it will be in the state when you first got it. Walk through the introductory menus but make sure you select that you want to restore from an iCloud backup. You will have to enter in your wireless password to access the iCloud backup on your network
  5. select the version/date of the icloud backup that you know had the mytime data in it and backup from that one
  6. wait a very long time as it is restoring.
  7. check to see if your mytime data is there.

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