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 Feature Requests


  • Add a “Today” screen to show you what you need to do: hours, calls you scheduled, time you scheduled, a way to quickly add a call. This today screen should only show up when you open MyTime™ the first time that day, otherwise it will open the last tab you had.
  • Slideover support
  • Save call information or anything for that matter when a call comes in or the iphone requests that you close the application
  • Make a DOS/windows version of the backup program (most likely this will not happen because of the mytime webserver MyTime™->More->Settings->Start MyTime™ Webserver)
  • Add a view like the hours view to help keep track of mileage (currently you can use TripCubby for this on the AppStore)
  • Add some indication in the mytimebackup that the filetransfer completed (it does indicate this on the iphone when restoring a backup and when retrieving a backup you get the indication by saving the file)
  • Add some family study time keeper information so that you can keep up with the weekly studies with your children and the weekly 1 hour and 1 return visit you can count
  • Setting to change the language of the application if the phone is setup for a different language (This one most likely will not happen)
  • Add some way to let the user know which of the multiple users are active so that users know that they are entering in the information correctly
  • Be able to backup a single user profile instead of all users at one time.
  • Add some way of keeping up with notes to mention on the field service activity report
  • Add a way to download offline maps for iPod Touch and spotty cell access phones
  • Allow the user to select satellite, hybrid, or standard map view.
  • Add quicknotes to the mytime webserver
  • tie MyTime?™ to iCloud to allow syncing and backup (you can do iCloud backups by just specifying your iDevice to backup using iCloud)
  • Add a way to disable or PIN restrict the Settings app “Email Backup Instantly”.
  • Add a way to print out Territories and calls to give to people
  • sorting/arranging a selection of calls based on the best routing kind of like using http://gebweb.net/optimap/.
  • Allow the fingerprint sensor to be used instead of pin code

Publication Related:

  • Add a way to get “special” publications into the program, like the Kingdom news 37
  • add the ability to edit/add/reorder/hide Literature
  • Add a alphabetized list of publications that uses the index (just like the phone book) to quickly lookup a publication
  • be able to select the language of the literature you place
  • when displaying the title of the publication make sure all of the publication ends up on the screen (using multiple lines)
  • be able to have a “favorites” list of publications so that people don’t have to go scrolling through the publications
  • Be able to note which videos you have showed to a call
  • Be able to reorder the sort names in the “Sorted By…” view when you go to choose a sort. Allow custom ones to be above the built-in mytime ones.
  • Be able to reorder or specify an order for the Additional Information

Hours/Statistics Related:

  • Support sending the reports through WhatsApp
  • Note or automatically make hours entries for times where you entered in call information like return visits but forgot to add hours.
  • Note on the Statistics page if the report was sent already and when.
  • Add a notification dot or color to the month to remind yourself that you did send in the field service report
  • add a way to do bulk return visits like how bulk placements are done. Maybe the Bulk Placements can be augmented with return visits.
  • within time tab, add a number field for month goal. You are already calculating actuals. Maybe the progress to the goal could be like the memory consumed bar in iTunes when you sync your device.
  • Add Notes to the hours view so that people can record a note for the hours they worked… maybe this could be a multiple choice and mytime can then add up the hours separately by type.
  • email yourself your or a daily log of time, locations and any notes connected to the specific time and location
  • Show monthly averages on service totals and service year totals
  • Add a value for the “months shown” setting for “service year” so that the months displayed include the service year (basically you will see yet another month each month until september where it would reset back to 1 month)
  • In the sort by date view, add sections that represent a week ago 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago and so on
  • Figure out if I can minimize the UI clutter if the publisher is a pioneer or aux pioneer.
  • Need to make the hours view display # h # min (especially for other languages which do not fit on the screen when you say # hours # minutes)
  • change the hours view to have a month view like the calendar so that you can visually see what was done when.
  • in the hours view, be able to specify the start and stop time instead of a start and duration
  • add option to send call through bluetooth
  • display the current hours accrued as well as the start time on the hours view
  • add a way of differentiating hours types like by color to be a helpful hint which type you are entering hours into.
  • add a way to show more than the last 12 months of data.
  • quick way of seeing trends, maybe a graph…
  • add a setting to show the year totals at the bottom of the list
  • Add to each type in the “Statistics” view a way to see what calls are representing those numbers (like for magazines, which calls you placed those magazines with).
  • add a screen to keep up with the monthly service schedule for people to plan and set goals
  • allow user to delete last service year’s hours
  • Add ability to be alerted if the “Start Time” has not been turned off in a while
  • Add a view to the statistics view so that you can see the day’s activities
  • Add ability to chose who to email the field service report to (Secretary and/or FSGO)
  • Add ability to add pioneer school type hours that are allowed to let the montly hours exceed 70
  • Add a way to see all statistics added up for your lifetime
  • Add a way to print out the statistics or include them in the printable email backup
  • Add a way to know if you have already sent your report

Calls Related:

  • Change the date/time grouping method to group by day instead of time
  • add a way to sort by common day of the week you called on a person
  • add a way to color calls on the sorted lists per user configuration.
  • add additional information per return visit and not just only per call.
  • add some way to schedule next study, return visit, call on or any other todo… like notifying you when to study info for going out into field service. This is starting to sound like a GTD app :)
  • ability to integrate with google maps and find the nearest call based on location.
  • add ZIP code to address editor
  • Add time since last call on the sorted by date calls list, or put the date/time of the last visit there.
  • add field for territory number in the address area (maybe even the publisher who owns the territory) You can do this with the Additional Information fields in the call so it is not that high of a priority now.
  • Add a manual sorted calls view that will be autosorted based on GPS location initally, but you can reorder them to help with your call route.
  • Be able to import calls from a csv file
  • Add a way to import/export contact information from the iphone to mytime or vice versa
  • have MyTime™ route the best route to get through your calls.
  • Add an option to allow a call to be put in a “suspended” state so that it does not show up in the date sorted view.
  • Display the number of calls in statistics view (In next version 3.0.0)
  • when a call is transferred store the name of the person who sent it to you
  • Be able to select multiple calls to email to someone
  • Keep up with Do-not-calls (This could be done by writing a note in the house view for the Not-At-Homes, which will be renamed to “Territories” in 3.0.0)
  • Add voice notes for a call
  • be able to flag calls with different icons/colors to indicate priority or category.
  • be able to color the mapped calls based on a filter (currently these are colored based on time since last call)
  • Don’t update the pin color for hot-at-home return visits
  • Be able to set pin color changing days based on rules like studies have shorter days than calls.
  • Add a way to specify pin color changing or rules per call instead of globally.
  • be able to filter out calls on the mapped calls view
  • figure out some way of adding study or return visit counts if you are substituting for someone else
  • sorted by view that shows calls sorted by the latest magazine placed so that you know what calls you have not placed the latest publications with
  • add a way to disable quicknotes and show only the last X notes history (or disable it)
  • Add a call by hour sorted view. It could show you all of the people you called on in 2 hour blocks (you might see the same call over and over in other blocks based on when you called on them). but if you are trying to find people at a particular time this would be handy.
  • add a way to add more quick notes to a return visit note like a multiple choice picker
  • Add the name, street, date, study sorted views to the “Sorted By…” view
  • add the monthly offers as well as the featured presentations fom the KM’s
  • add some way to import the preferred time to call back, maybe a multiple checkbox of days and AM/PM selections
  • format the phone numbers in a call correctly
  • Change the usage of “Add return visit” to be either a study or return visit based on the last return visit
  • Show all users’ calls on the mapped calls view
  • be able to specify the pin coloring on the map, like coloring for studies in addition to the time since last visited. Or possibly a pin color for the different category of return visit (call, study, family, publisher, territory)
  • Be able to have more than one “Sorted By…” view
  • Have a reminder about calls that you have not visited in X number of days
  • Add the ability to have MyTime?™ act as a proximity sensor and will alert you when you are in range of your calls.
  • Add a mapped territory for those in a foreign language territory, it would be handy to share/update/sync this with others.
  • Add a way to quickly record where you left off on a study
  • Add functionality to work with Navigon or other GPS programs so that you can open your call in those programs to get turn-by-turn directions
  • Be able to see a list of all of the publications you have left with a householder so that you can answer the “Did I place X with them?” question.
  • add ability to sort and filter calls based on publication placed
  • add a way to specify custom visit types
  • add a setting to be able to turn off autocomplete for names and addresses for foreign name issues
  • Add a way to set the address of the kingdom hall so that it appears in the map view for reference.

Territory/Not At Homes Related (this is being renamed “Territories”):

  • Add additional information feature to not at homes so that you can categorise them like “has stairs”, suburbs, etc…
  • Add a way to view not-at-homes on a map
  • Add the ability to send a single street to the territory owner.
  • GPS track where you worked to know what is worked on the territory card
  • add a way to outline the territory boarders in the mapped calls view
  • add a way to store the picture of your territory card under the not-at-homes territory view.
  • In the not at home views move the add button to the top or have some way of quickly adding an entry without scrolling.
  • Add ability to sort not-at-homes by house number, attempts, date visited, or original order
  • In the Not At Homes view, if there are any notes associated with a entry it would be good to put a small line about the notes in the summary view just like it is done in the sorted calls view where 2 lines of the last return visit notes are included.
  • Add the ability to track publications left at not-at-homes
  • Add the ability to email individual streets to the territory owner.
  • Allow automatic lookup of addresses
  • Work with territoryhelper.com



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