MyTime™ is useful for Jehovah’s Witnesses allowing us to focus on the ministry by keeping organized notes. MyTime™ keeps up with our calls, return visits, literature placements, and field service time so that you don’t have to, allowing you to have a detailed and accurate field service report.

If you find this useful, great! I wrote this for the benefit for all, if you are inclined to help support my efforts and offset the costs of doing development you are welcome to donate.  My cost to maintain MyTime is my invested time as well as a $99.00 yearly license for creating an official application that you could download for free from iTunes, donate if you would like (it is not required or expected):

Donate, help me help you

Next Version 3.8.0 Changes:

Waiting on apple, Submitted to apple 1/30/2016.

  • Fixing the Secretary phone number to allow for a comma to separate phone numbers to allow for multiple phone numbers using the phone keyboard
  • Fixed a bug in the Statistics goals calculation for past months (not the current month)
  • Fixed non-english translations of MyTime to select the proper Magazine publication for the month
  • Added the ability to import contacts into MyTime (You could import most of the call information from Field Service Assistant)
  • Fixed some bugs with deleting rows from calls when not editing
  • Replaced RBC with LDC
  • Fixed placements calculating bug that happened for return visits when you had something that was not considered as a placement, like a video showing

Please note: If you have used a “Video Showing” in your placements then there is a possibility that your “Placements” count will be off.  I have asked for an expedited review for the fix for this.


I am looking for translators to translate the text in the !MyTime™ program into whatever language you need. please email me if you can translate !MyTime™ into any other language


  • Sort Calls by street, name, city, date and bible studies; you can even search for calls
    • quick glance information is presented in the sorted calls views
  • Calls can store (tested up to 300 calls so far):
    • Name
    • Address (house number, street, apartment/floor, city state), lookup with GPS too!
      • view your call in Google maps (by tapping on the address in the call view)
    • “Add Information” so that you can add an email address, phone number, and cell phone number. You can add your own custom fields that are a phone number (that you can dial), a email address (that will open mail), a URL (that will open safari), a multiline notes field, a simple text field, a YES/NO switch, a date or a number. You could use this to make a field for the number of kids that the return visit has or maybe the types of pets that they have, really the sky is the limit here.
      • You can specify some of these “Additional Information” to always show up in new calls and existing calls.
      • You can click on the phone number to call or the email address to email your return visit.
    • add return visits or studies and select publications that you placed
      • publications, hours, studies, and return visits are tracked and reported for the end of month field service report
      • You can make notes for each return visit
      • publications can be selected quickly through a publication category view
    • You can specify a Return Visit as a “Study”, “Not At Home”, or “Return Visit”, now studies are counted on the statistics page, yey!
    • Transfer/send one of your calls to someone else… AND if they are running MyTime they can open up the email you sent them on their iphone and then click on a link within the email and the return visit is imported right into MyTime!
    • You can select a “Manual” way of setting your location, use google maps’s geocaching feature which will automatically lookup the location based on the address, or not include your call on the Map All Calls view.
    • in the manual view, you get to place the “pin” wherever you want it to be
    • Editing a call now uses the same animation transition as editing a phone contact on the iphone.
    • Publications not available in a particular language are not shown in the publication “picker”
  • You can add your field service hours manually, and even “start” your time and “stop” your time to keep acount of your field service hours while your phone is off
    • It shows the time that elapsed and when you started your time
  • There is a Street Witnessing/Bulk Literature Placement View to add magazines, books, and brochures for placements like at laundromats or hotels
  • Map all calls page that shows where your calls are on a map
    • the map view now caches/saves the map images and position. This is a much requested feature for those of you with an iTouch and no network connectivity while out in service.
    • It is also a lot more smooth than the previous map view I was using, though not as quick as google maps on the iphone but very close.
  • you can now click on a “pin” in the map and then select the call to go to the call detail
  • The statistics view shows you all of the statistics needed to fill out your field service activity report.
    • You can see the current service year totals and up to 12 months of activity.
    • You can email your Field Service Activity Report to your congregation secretary
    • You can rollover minutes from your field service hours to the next month and round up minutes in the current month
  • You can keep up with your RBC hours just like the field service hours view.
  • Keep up with not-at-homes and convert to calls if needed.
  • Added a “Publisher Type” feature that displays/hides information based on if you are a Publisher, Aux. Pioneer, Pioneer, Special Pioneer, or Traveling Servant.
    • If you select Pioneer, Special Pioneer or Traveling Servant it will show you the yearly Service totals. Otherwise it will hide those values.
  • OS independent backup system! You can email yourself the backup and when you are ready to restore from a particular backup just pull up that email on your iphone and click on a link within the email. Boom everything is restored! You can rely on Google, or whoever your email is through, to keep your backup safe and sound
  • Manual backup system over Wifi (only if using >= 10.5 OSX) download MyTime Backup here
  • Landscape mode works for all of the views that you type in
  • Includes a webserver to enter calls using a regular keyboard
  • Multiple User support: track time, calls, and placements for multiple users
  • MyTime is available in the following translations:
    • Croatian
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • French
    • Greek
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Slovak
    • Norwegian
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Finnish

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