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MyTime Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


MyTime has not been updated in 3 years, is this still maintained?

The Field service hours have been updated as of 2023, when are you going to update MyTime?

MyTime keeps crashing on startup, when will this be fixed?

The field service hours goals are wrong, can you fix it?

How can I import data from Field Service Assistant on the iPhone?

How can I import data from Ministry Assistant android program?

Emails from MyTime are not being received, what gives?

How do I sync my iPhone and iPad MyTime data?

How do I make a bible study not a bible study anymore?

How do I change the language in MyTime™?

How do I restore a backup and get MyTime™ back?!?

I have loads of free time and am very detailed about things and I want to help with beta testing, what do I do?

I want to help with the translation work, what do I do?

Why are you asking for donations?

I want to start developing a program for the iPhone, what should I do?

Why are you not working faster to get feature X out?

I just clicked on "Enable Popups" and I cant get the popups to go away! I hate popups!

Why dont you store the data on a webserver or have MyTime™ be a webapp since I could use it on any smartphone or computer?

MyTime™ keeps getting uninstalled from my iPhone; what is the deal?

I have an iPod/iPhone Touch and I keep loosing my data, what do I do?

I have an iPod Touch, iPad (or an iPhone with spotty internet access) and would like to view the maps while out in service, what do I do?

Help! I have lost my MyTime™ data and the restore from iTunes did not work!

What if I upgrade to the newest iPhone or iPad? Will I be able to transfer my MyTime™ data?

Can you get MyTime to work on Android or Windows phone?!?

I used the passcode feature but cant get into MyTime™! HELP!

I really dont like how MyTime™ works, I want things to be done like XYZ!

How do I reset the Service Year Totals? How can I get the "Last Service Year Totals" to go away?!?

How do I backup my MyTime™ data?

Are you one of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Why are the map pin colors different?

Why are my calls not showing up on the "Mapped Calls" view?

I would like to plan out my return visits for the day, how can I schedule the Next Visit?

How do I schedule a return visit?

How do I enter in an existing study?

Why is the return visit count not accurate, where are my return visits?

How do you add a return visit?

Can you keep a count of magazines and return visits like you do the hours?

How do I manually change the statistics to enter publications placed?

I added hours but the Statistics does not reflect this

The Statistics calculations are wrong.

When are you going to have iCloud Syncing?

I asked for something in the iTunes review but you did not reply, why not?

How long has MyTime™ been around?


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