iOS 9

I tested MyTime under iOS 9 and WatchOS 2… It Works!

When iOS 7 and iOS 8 rolled around there were problems, I am glad to know that I have yet to find them in iOS 9

MyTime 3.6.3 In Review

MyTime has finished moving to the new website and I needed to update some links in the application as well as fix something in the Tutorials tab in MyTime.  Apple is reviewing 3.6.3, we will see how long this takes.  The last review was done in 24 hours

Moving out!

MyTime is moving from to . Sadly googlecode is shutting down where we have been hosted for the last 8 years.  I am in the process of moving things until August 24th when I will be unable to change anything on googlecode.

Please stay tuned and I am sorry for the frustration you will have while trying to find things on the new site.

New Blog Post

Blog – again I like the simplicity, I will just post things about what I am working on or updates to programs… I dont know if I should have a seperate blog for iPhone developement itself. I would like to write some developer entries to get some exposure on some things I have done to make my life easier.