Hire Us to Work For You

PriddySoftware works on software projects using this process:

  1. You download the Non-Disclosure Agreement  (NDA) and sign it and email a scanned copy to me at brent.priddy@priddysoftware.com (This is a document protecting you and me from disclosing your idea to 3rd parties or me from continuing our conversation if your idea is in conflict with another customer that I am working for)
  2. I sign and send you a scanned copy of the NDA and now we can discuss your idea
  3. You send me a detailed email of your idea, user scenerios, what you expect to see, pictures of napkin drawings if helpful to brent.priddy@priddysoftware.com along with your phone number
  4. I will read over the information, try to understand things and give you a call to discuss and make sure that I understand all of what you are asking for me to do.
  5. I will send you a quote including all of what I am expecting to do (this will be fairly detailed and have no assumptions, if it is not in the document I will not be working on it).  This expectation also includes bug fixes in the program out to a period of time included in the quote.
  6. We will communicate any details of the document and correct the document if needed  (note that no money has yet to exchange hands)
  7. If you do not accept the Quote and do not want me to work on the project, no problem you did not waste any money, just yours and my time.
  8. If you accept the Quote I will start working on the project and give you an expectation of when it will be finished
  9. When the project is delivered, you will get an opportunity to use it before it is on the AppStore
  10. I get payed
  11. I will publish the application on the AppStore and support the application for the time limit as described in the quote above.

I have done this process with many customers and most appreciate the accuracy of the quote as well as the expectation that is set beforehand.


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